A Breast of the Situation

A Breast of the Situation is a book about the real experiences of fictional people. I hope that the frankness and transparency in these stories will inspire you and add to your knowledge of the physical, emotional and spiritual impact of breast cancer and its prevention. These stories tell about women who have won, lost, and are still fighting their battles with breast cancer. As you read A Breast of the Situation, my hope is that you will learn how to become a better advocate for your own health. My experience, commitment and extensive training are reflected in these true-life stories.

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Speaking Engagements

Interested in having Karen speak? Go to the contact us page and send us a note. Karen welcomes opportunities to share her journey and the many inspiring and educational stories. She is available for women’s events and conferences for healthcare professionals.


Recipient of the President’s Award from Baylor Health Care System. She was also recognized for her dedication to service excellence and “going the extra mile to provide excellent customer service.”

“You are absolutely the best possible person doing such an important job. Your kindness and compassion was such a comfort to me. Thank you so very much for all the hugs and your caring support.”
“Your joyful spirit is an inspiration to all the women you assist….I’ll always remember how kind you were to me when I returned for a recall/recheck on my mammogram last May.”
Peggy B
“Many people had been praying for me and telling me I was fine, but it was you, a stranger, who gave me ‘a cup of water’ that I could drink.”
Melody Y
“You are absolutely the best possible person doing such an important job. Your kindness and compassion was such a comfort to me. Thank you so very much for all the hugs and your caring support.”
Ginny H
“Thank you for easing my concern over the pain in my left breast…..”
Bonnie R
“Thank you for taking time and helping me get through the questions and get some answers. I appreciate the kindness and care you gave me. I left Friday with a huge weight lifted off my shoulders.”
Jennifer H
“Thanks again for being so gentle and caring. You really have made a huge impact on my life… I actually look forward to my next-year’s visit…”
Mari S
“I have had mammograms for over ten years. This year Karen Seaman administered the test. She was the most professional and caring person I have encountered. She put me at ease and made an uncomfortable situation much easier. You are very fortunate to have her on staff.”
Mary A
“Thank you for a friendly approach, a listening ear and an open heart in your service to me today! What a refreshing way to be treated in an area that isn’t always that ‘user friendly’.”
Sharon E
“In regard to the mammogram you did for me on April 20th, I again want to thank you so very much for the way in which you calmed an old lady’s first experience; it made the test much more tolerable for me.”
Norma R
“Being a recent patient at your facility I wanted to let you know of my experience. In today’s world, people are always quick to complain and criticize when unhappy with a person or situation. When receiving superior service, however, nothing is usually said. This results in people hearing mostly negative comments, not getting the recognition they deserve, and not having the satisfaction of knowing they are performing well. I came to your facility for a mammography screening/baseline. While your entire staff was knowledgeable and courteous I wanted to specifically acknowledge one employee. My exam was performed by your mammography technologist Karen Seaman. Since this was my first mammogram I didn’t know exactly what to expect. Karen did a phenomenal job of explaining the procedure and, with her caring attitude, immediately put me at ease. She took the time to answer my questions and ensured that I was comfortable throughout the procedure. Karen is a great asset to your facility and I hope that you take the time to give her the ‘pat on the back’ that she deserves.”
Renee F
“I saw Karen twice for mammograms. She was great the first time – answered my questions, worked quickly, very professional. I had to go back a second time – and I was pretty nervous. I have a family history of breast cancer. She was so sweet and kind. She explained everything. When I got the ‘all clear’ from the radiologist (he was great as well) Karen gave me a big hug! She made the whole experience not so bad. She is a gem!”
Colleen H